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Do your clients need to touch app.config files, XML, JSON or INI files to configure or setup your application? But you have no time and no budget to write a stable UI that guides your clients instead of letting them guess what the cryptic values in developer style mean? And no time to add validation that prevents spelling errors that block your application on next start? And you are not willing to rewrite this tool every time, when a new version of your application has new settings?
Then assign your proprietary XML, JSON or INI configuration files to GeCo Configuration Builder.
Select what part of information you want to be visible or editable to your customers.
Choose from a selection of styles.
Ship the automatically created GeCo definition with your software to your client.
Now your client can access the configuration of your software with GeCo Configurator in an intuitive and pleasing way.

Supported formats

  • XML
  • JSON
  • INI
  • TOML coming soon
GeCo Builder File
GeCo Builder New Page
GeCo Builder New Template

GeCo Configuration Builder: Tool for building configuration UI.

GeCo Configurator 2
GeCo Configurator 2 Red

GeCo Configurator: UI for clients to setup configurations.