Everybody can build a UI for his software configuration files with GeCo Configurator within minutes.

Instead of working with configuration files in XML, JSON or INI format …
… your clients can use a UI created by GeCo Configurator

GeCo Configurator is a desktop application that can be deployed with your software to your customers. It makes the configuration and setup of your software fast and easy.

Load your app.config, XML, JSON or INI configuration files with GeCo Configuration Builder.
Select what part of information you want to be visible or editable to your customers.
Define your individual colors and styles.
Integrate it in your software.
Ship the automatically created GeCo definition with your software to your client.
Now your client can access the configuration of your software with GeCo Configurator in an intuitive and pleasing way.
Profit from many extra features like Audit Trail or Installation Wizard.

Improve your productivity

Do what you are good in and let our professional configuration tool take care of your software’s setup and configuration.


Professional UX

You can easily brand your configurations with GeCo. Your settings UI will become more professional.


Save costs and time

You reduce support time because your configuration with GeCo will work smooth and avoid errors. You don’t need long manuals because GeCo is intuitive.

Why your customers will love GeCo Configurator

Simple and beautiful

Assign your proprietary JSON, XML or INI configuration files to GeCo Builder.
Select what part of information you want to be visible…

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Simple upgrades

GeCo Configurator assists your client while installation. Upgrading your software’s setup will be fast and clean…

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Stay flexible

GeCo Configurator is permanently improved and extended. Profit automatically of a richer feature set…

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To the download

Download your GeCo Configurator. It’s absolute free.

What others say

I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a really good job. It’s easy to use and manage GeCo

Joe M.

Private Project

GeCo Configurator is very helpful for our tools.